UAS First Aid Crew民間資格講習会@大阪

In ドローン大学院

2015年12月の航空法改正以降、ドローン(UAS)の商業利用は拡大を続け、2022年12月からは有人地帯(第三者上空)での目視外飛行(補助者の配置なし)レベル4を実現するため「操縦ライセンスの国家資格化」を含む航空法改正が行われ、飛躍的にドローン(UAS)の商業利用が拡大し続けることが予想されます。その一方で、運航現場に於ける事故のリスクも高まります。熱中症、プロペラによる切傷、捻挫等想定されるリスクをマネージメントするためにファーストエイド(応急処置)に対応できるクルーを育成する目的で「UAS First Aid Crew」という民間資格

UAS First Aid Crew Civilian Certification Seminar at Osaka

Since the revision of the Civil Aeronautics Law in December 2015, the commercial use of drones (UAS) has continued to expand, and from December 2022, the Civil Aeronautics Law will be revised to include “national qualification for pilot licenses” in order to achieve Level 4 unseen flights (without an assistant) in manned zones (over third parties). It is expected that the commercial use of drones (UAS) will continue to expand dramatically. On the other hand, the risk of accidents in the field of operation is also increasing. In order to train crew members who can provide first aid to manage possible risks such as heat stroke, cuts caused by propellers, sprains, etc., we have established a private certification* called “UAS First Aid Crew” and held a training course for acquiring this certification at the Drone University Osaka Campus. The course was held at Drone University Osaka Campus.