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Osaka Campus 03 semester started as scheduled

The 03rd term of the Osaka Campus has started as scheduled. We had a very lively opening this semester as well, welcoming a full class of students. The Osaka Campus has expanded its community over the years, and the network of graduates has also grown.


学校法人 嶋田学園 福岡国土建設専門学校 都市環境設計科にて測量講習を開催

In すべてIn セミナー

2021年8月2日(月)〜 6日(金)の5日間、ドローン大学校が学校法人 嶋田学園 福岡国土建設専門学校 都市環境設計科の特別カリキュラムとしてUAV測量の講義および実技実習を行いました。卒業後、すぐに測量士として活躍する若者も新たなテクノロジーに驚き意欲的に受講してくれました。

Surveying class held at Shimada Gakuen Fukuoka National Land Construction College Urban Environmental Design Department

For 5 days from August 2nd (Monday) to 6th (Friday), 2021, Drone University gave a lecture on UAV surveying and practical training as a special curriculum of the Department of Urban Environmental Design, Shimada Gakuen Fukuoka National Land Construction College. rice field. Immediately after graduation, young people who were active as surveyors were surprised and enthusiastic about the new technology.


学校法人 嶋田学園 飯塚高等学校 飯塚高校 自動車エンジニアコースにてドローンビジネスセミナーを開催

In セミナー

2021年8月2日(月)、ドローン大学校が学校法人 嶋田学園 飯塚高等学校 飯塚高校 自動車エンジニアコースの特別カリキュラムとしてドローンビジネスの講義および実技実習を行いました。卒業後、自動車エンジニアとして活躍する若者も新たなテクノロジーに驚き意欲的に受講してくれました。

Shimada Gakuen Iizuka High School Iizuka High School Automobile Engineer Course Holds Drone Business Seminar

On Monday, August 2, 2021, Drone University gave a lecture on drone business and practical training as a special curriculum of Shimada Gakuen Iizuka High School Iizuka High School Automotive Engineer Course. After graduating, young people who are active as automobile engineers were surprised and enthusiastic about the new technology.



In 博多キャンパス


Hakata Campus 10th term starts with full capacity!

The 10th term of Hakata Campus was held at full capacity. Even though it was fine after the rainy season, it was hot every day, and while paying close attention to heat stroke and the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we were able to start the course without leaving one person in poor physical condition. Most of the practical training at Drone University is conducted outdoors, so it will be a tough practical training in midsummer and midwinter, but you will acquire practical skills such as managing batteries that get hot and dealing with low voltage caused by low temperatures. I was able to do a rigorous but fulfilling lesson.



In 瀬戸内キャンパス


Setouchi Campus 14th term held

We held the 14th term of the Setouchi Campus as scheduled, paying close attention to the spread of coronavirus infection and heat stroke. We welcomed a large number of new students, including young professional photographers, and this time the course was lively.


DRONE.jpがJAPAN DRONE 2021 ドローン大学校 ブースをレポート!

In レポート

日本初のドローン(無人航空機/マルチコプター/UAV/UAS)についての本格的な解説記事や情報を発信するメディア「DRONE.jp」に、JAPAN DRONE 2012 ドローン大学校 ブースを詳しくレポートしていただきました。

DRONE.jp reports on the JAPAN DRONE 2012 Drone University booth!

Japan DRONE 2012 Drone University booth was reported in detail on “DRONE.jp”, a media that provides full-scale commentary articles and information about Japan’s first drone (unmanned aerial vehicle / multicopter / UAV / UAS). ..


JAPAN DRONE 2021にドローン大学校がブースを出展

In プレスリリース

日本で初めての本格的な民間ドローン専門展示会&コンファレンスの単独イベント「Japan Drone 2021」に今年もドローン大学校がブースを出展しました。ブース内セミナーでは、どのように現行の航空法が来年変わっていくかというところをわかりやすく解説、そして今後法改正があったのちにどのようにビジネスを始めたらいいかということをテーマに講義を行いました。また、200g未満の機体について指導をするまったく新しいカタチのスクール「空撮教室」の紹介も行いました。

Drone University Exhibits Booth at JAPAN DRONE 2021

Drone University exhibited a booth again this year at “Japan Drone 2021”, the first full-scale private drone exhibition and conference in Japan. At the in-booth seminar, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how the current aviation law will change next year, and give a lecture on how to start a business after the law is revised in the future. I did it. We also introduced a completely new type of school, “Aerial Photography Class,” which teaches about aircraft weighing less than 200g.



In 名古屋キャンパス


Nagoya Campus 20th Term Completion Ceremony Held

Drone college Nagoya Campus 20th Term Completion Ceremony was held. Unfortunately, the number of participants was small because the state of emergency was being announced, but each graduate made a presentation about the activities after the course. I was happy to hear that each of them has begun to take on the challenge of the loan business.



In 東京キャンパス


The 30th term of the Tokyo campus is fully booked!

In the 30th term of the memorable Tokyo Campus, we received applications for more than the capacity and started the course with the capacity full. The bad weather made a big change to the original schedule, but we were able to finish the entire curriculum. It was the 30th term team of the Tokyo campus, which has the unique cohesiveness of Drone University, where unique members gather.



In 名古屋キャンパス

COVID-19感染拡大が懸念されている時期ですが、十分な感染予防を行い予定通り、予定通り名古屋キャンパス21期を開催しました。もちろん記念撮影もSocia ldistanceingを意識しました。

Nagoya Campus 21th semester to be held as scheduled.

In spite of the concern about COVID-19 infection, the 21th term of the Nagoya campus was held as scheduled with adequate prevention of infection. Of course, we also took commemorative photos with Socia ldistanceing in mind.