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COVID-19感染拡大が心配される期間でしたが、細心の注意し「東京キャンパス27期」を開講しました。今回も定員満員で大変賑やかな開講となりました。もちろん記念撮影もSocia ldistanceingを意識しました。

Tokyo Campus 27th semester

Although there were concerns about the spread of COVID-19 infection, we have been paying close attention to the situation and have opened the 27th session of the Tokyo Campus. It was a very lively event as the class was full. Of course, we took memorial photos with Socia ldistanceing in mind.



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Tokyo Campus 26th Term

With the spread of the “new type of coronavirus infection,” the seminar was held in a closed, dense, and close environment, and alcohol disinfection and mask wearing were strictly adhered to. Once again, we were able to welcome a large number of students to the seminar, which was very lively and positive.





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Tokyo Campus 26th Entry Start!

Entries for students entering the Tokyo Campus 26th Period, which starts on Friday, April 3, 2020, have begun. Drone College will begin pre-entry training for the opening of April. Perhaps in mid-April, a drone operator with the knowledge and skills needed to operate a drone safely will be born.



ドローン大学校+ドローン大学院 合同クリパ(クリスマスパーティー)@東京キャンパスを開催

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Drone college + Drone Graduate School Joint Clipper (Christmas Party) @ Tokyo Campus

The annual Drone College + Drone Graduate Joint Clipper (Christmas Party) @ Tokyo Campus, where drone college graduates and drone graduate students gather, was held again this year. This year, on the theme of “Kuripa that can fly drones”, everyone brought their own drones and proceeded with the party while flying the drones. Alumni who provided luxurious gifts that cost over 100,000 yen also appeared, and the party was very exciting. I am grateful to the graduates and graduate students who gathered. The secretariat and instructors will support you with all your abilities next year so that you can continue going forward.。
* No drunk flights.



ドローン大学校 東京キャンパス第23期(TC23)修了式開催

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今月もドローン大学校 東京キャンパス第23期(TC23)修了式を東京キャンパスにて開催しました。また、修了式後は、天馬諮問株式会社 代表取締役社長 篠原雅彦 氏と原由祐子 氏による「ドローンによる救急搬送サポートシステム(携帯電話回線使用)の運用」について御講演いただきました。今回の修了生の中にも災害分野でのドローン運用をビジネスにしようと準備を進めている方もいらっしゃるので、今後の展開が楽しみです。


天馬諮問株式会社のホームページ tenmashimon.co.jp/


Drone University Tokyo Campus 23rd term (TC23) completion ceremony held This month, the Drone University Tokyo Campus October 2019 graduation ceremony was held at the Tokyo Campus. After the completion ceremony, Mr. Masahiko Shinohara and Yuko Hara, President and Representative Director, Tenma Advisory Co., Ltd. gave a lecture on “Operation of emergency transport support system using drone (using mobile phone line)”. Some of these graduates are preparing to make drone operations in the disaster field as business, so we are looking forward to future developments.




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24th term of Tokyo Campus
The 24th semester of the Tokyo Campus, which was held in less than the previous 23 semesters, was also blessed with students and was able to provide a full range of lectures and practical training. It is a great pleasure for the teachers to see how students who are usually working in completely different industries are building a community with “drone” as a common topic.


ドローン大学校 東京キャンパス22期(TC22)修了式開催

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ドローン大学校 東京キャンパス22期修了式を開催しました。今回も多くの優秀な修了生を送り出すことができました。また、特別講義では東京キャンパスOBの小川 保先生に「写真師 小川講師がクジラを語る」というタイトルで、ドローンによる洋上撮影についてご講演いただきました。
Drone University Tokyo Campus 22nd Term (TC22) Completion Ceremony
Drone University Tokyo Campus 22nd Term Completion Ceremony was held. We were able to send out many excellent graduates this time. In the special lecture, Dr. Ogawa, an OB of Tokyo Campus, gave a lecture on offshore photography by drone under the title "Photographer Ogawa talks about whales".



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7月21日(日)〜 7月28日(日)の8日間、東京キャンパス23期が開講されました。今期も定員満員の受講生に集まっていただき、大変賑やかな開期となりました。残念ながら、全員揃っての修了とはなりませんでしたが、大勢の修了生を創出することができました。


Drone college Tokyo Campus 23rd term (TC23) opened
The 23rd term of the Tokyo Campus was held for 8 days from July 21 (Sun) to July 28 (Sun). This year, it was a very lively opening period with a full capacity. Unfortunately, it wasn't the completion of all of them, but we were able to create many graduates.



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Tokyo Campus 22nd term (TC22) starts!
The 22nd Tokyo Campus (TC22) was opened. If you notice the cold season is over, the most comfortable season of the year! I was able to create an excellent pilot this term.



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東京キャンパス第21期度修了式を開催しました。今月も多くの優秀な修了生が誕生し、賑やかな修了式となりました。同時開催の特別講義では、パーソルプロセス&テクノロジー株式会社ビジネスエンジニアリング事業部ドローンソリューショングループの前田 晋吾 氏に講師をお願いし、同社が行うドローンソリューションについてご講演いただきました。
Tokyo Campus 21st Term Completion Ceremony
Tokyo Campus 21st Term Completion Ceremony was held. Many outstanding graduates were born this month, and it was a lively completion ceremony. In the special lecture held at the same time, Mr. Satoshi Maeda of the Drones Solution Group of Business Engineering Division, Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd. was invited as a lecturer to give a lecture on the drone solutions provided by the company.