ドローン大学校 東京キャンパス第23期(TC23)修了式開催

In 東京

今月もドローン大学校 東京キャンパス第23期(TC23)修了式を東京キャンパスにて開催しました。また、修了式後は、天馬諮問株式会社 代表取締役社長 篠原雅彦 氏と原由祐子 氏による「ドローンによる救急搬送サポートシステム(携帯電話回線使用)の運用」について御講演いただきました。今回の修了生の中にも災害分野でのドローン運用をビジネスにしようと準備を進めている方もいらっしゃるので、今後の展開が楽しみです。




Drone University Tokyo Campus 23rd term (TC23) completion ceremony held

This month, the Drone University Tokyo Campus October 2019 graduation ceremony was held at the Tokyo Campus. After the completion ceremony, Mr. Masahiko Shinohara and Yuko Hara, President and Representative Director, Tenma Advisory Co., Ltd. gave a lecture on “Operation of emergency transport support system using drone (using mobile phone line)”. Some of these graduates are preparing to make drone operations in the disaster field as business, so we are looking forward to future developments.



ドローン大学校修了生らで構成する「オンラインサロン ドローン大学院」で撮影した空撮動画を公開

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ドローン大学校がプロデュースする「オンラインサロン ドローン大学院」では、実務受注に向けたスキルアップを目指し、安価で空撮・測量・点検などドローンを使ったお仕事を受注しています。今回は、長野県白馬村にあるラグジュアリーコンドミニアム3棟を撮影させていただきました。天候にも恵まれ美しい北アルプスも撮影できました。(再生時間10分)


An aerial video shot at “Online Salon Drone Graduate School” composed of drone college graduates released
At the “Online Salon Drone Graduate School” produced by the drone college, we are accepting orders for work using drones such as aerial photography, surveying, and inspections at low cost with the aim of improving skills for practical orders. This time, I photographed three luxury apartment buildings in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture. We were able to shoot the beautiful Northern Alps blessed with the weather. (Playback time 10 minutes)





In 東京

24th term of Tokyo Campus
The 24th semester of the Tokyo Campus, which was held in less than the previous 23 semesters, was also blessed with students and was able to provide a full range of lectures and practical training. It is a great pleasure for the teachers to see how students who are usually working in completely different industries are building a community with “drone” as a common topic.



In 名古屋

16th term of Nagoya Campus
This year's Nagoya Campus was also opened with many students. Both the department completion certificate and the safe operation management completion certificate were passed in one shot, and the practical skill completion certificate was passed in the shortest time since the drone university opened. In the future, I wish for the isolated island that will be active in the drone business.



In 博多



Nagoya Campus 15th Completion Ceremony
The 15th graduation ceremony was held with many students. Also, during the graduation ceremony, a graduate who mainly worked as a business consultant gave a lecture on the theme of “entrepreneurship in drone business”. Another feature of the drone college is that there are many graduates with various skills.



In 博多

Hakata Campus 4th period
The 4th term of Hakata Campus has been opened. There are many female students on the Hakata campus, and there are always lectures and practical skills that make you laugh. This year was also a lively practical training with many female students.