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2022年1月11日(火)、博多キャンパス11期終了式を開催しました。オミクロン株(SARS-CoV-2)の感染拡大には注意を払い、集合写真撮影時のみマスクを外させて頂きました。今期も多くの優秀な修了生が誕生し、九州のドローン シーンを牽引してくれることに期待をしています。

End of 11th term ceremony held at Hakata Campus

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, we held the closing ceremony for the 11th term of Hakata Campus. We were careful not to spread the Omicron strain (SARS-CoV-2) and took off our masks only for the group photo. We hope that many excellent graduates will be born this term and lead the drone scene in Kyushu.



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The 12th term of Hakata Campus was held

The first class of 2022 started at Hakata Campus. The number of students was smaller than usual due to the early start of the year, but thanks to the motivated students, we had a lively opening. It was the time of year when there was concern about the spread of the Omicron strain, so we opened the course with great care. We also celebrated the birthdays of students and instructors who celebrated their birthdays around the time of the opening.



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Happy New Year!

The year 2021 was a breakthrough year for Drone Academy.
2021 was a year of great strides for Drone College, and 2022 will be a year of great strides for Japan’s drone industry due to the revision of the Civil Aeronautics Act. The year 2022 will be a big leap forward for the drone industry in Japan due to the revision of the Civil Aeronautics Act.



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埼玉県飯能市に位置する「Nolla naguri (ノーラ名栗)」にてフィンランド式のアウトドアサウナやグランピング、北欧風のBBQを楽しみ、交流を深めたドローン大学校&ドローン大学院クリパ2021「サウナ大学校」を2021年12月23〜24日に開催しました。参加された皆さんは2021年の活動報告と来るべき2022年の抱負を語り合いました。

Drone College & Drone Graduate School Christmas Party 2021 “Sauna College

Drone College & Drone Graduate School Christmas Party 2021 “Sauna College” was held on December 23-24, 2021 at “Nolla naguri” in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, where participants enjoyed Finnish-style outdoor sauna, glamping, and Scandinavian-style BBQ, and deepened exchanges. The event was held on December 23-24, 2021. The participants reported on their activities in 2021 and discussed their aspirations for the upcoming year 2022.



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Graduation Ceremony for the 22nd Class at Nagoya Campus

Following the graduation ceremony for the 31st class at the Tokyo campus, the spread of corona in Nagoya has slowed down and we were able to hold the graduation ceremony in real life, but not all the graduates were able to attend. However, we were not able to have all the graduates attend.


UAS First Aid Crew民間資格講習会@大阪

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2015年12月の航空法改正以降、ドローン(UAS)の商業利用は拡大を続け、2022年12月からは有人地帯(第三者上空)での目視外飛行(補助者の配置なし)レベル4を実現するため「操縦ライセンスの国家資格化」を含む航空法改正が行われ、飛躍的にドローン(UAS)の商業利用が拡大し続けることが予想されます。その一方で、運航現場に於ける事故のリスクも高まります。熱中症、プロペラによる切傷、捻挫等想定されるリスクをマネージメントするためにファーストエイド(応急処置)に対応できるクルーを育成する目的で「UAS First Aid Crew」という民間資格

UAS First Aid Crew Civilian Certification Seminar at Osaka

Since the revision of the Civil Aeronautics Law in December 2015, the commercial use of drones (UAS) has continued to expand, and from December 2022, the Civil Aeronautics Law will be revised to include “national qualification for pilot licenses” in order to achieve Level 4 unseen flights (without an assistant) in manned zones (over third parties). It is expected that the commercial use of drones (UAS) will continue to expand dramatically. On the other hand, the risk of accidents in the field of operation is also increasing. In order to train crew members who can provide first aid to manage possible risks such as heat stroke, cuts caused by propellers, sprains, etc., we have established a private certification* called “UAS First Aid Crew” and held a training course for acquiring this certification at the Drone University Osaka Campus. The course was held at Drone University Osaka Campus.

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Graduation Ceremony for the 31st Class at Tokyo Campus

With the spread of corona finally settled down, we were able to hold the graduation ceremony in real life. This time, however, not all of the graduates were able to attend the ceremony, but we were able to have a pleasant chat with the graduates who are full of individuality and without the pressure of the graduation exam.



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Nagoya Campus Opens 23rd Term as Scheduled

Recently, Nagoya campus has been full of students, and the 23rd term started with a lot of students. The new coronavirus infection has calmed down a bit, so we took off our masks only for the commemorative photos, but other than that, we opened the classes with caution to avoid spreading the infection.



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2021年11月18日(木)〜 29日(日)まで、東京キャンパス32期を予定通り開講しました。新型コロナ感染拡大も落ち着いてきたものの、開講前の問診票提出、講義・実技前のアルコール消毒、マスク着用など新型コロナ感染拡大には十分注意を払いつつ、集合写真撮影時のみマスクを外して撮影をさせていただきました。

The 32nd Term of the Tokyo Campus Started with Full Capacity

The 32nd session of the Tokyo Campus was held from November 18 (Thu.) to 29 (Sun.), 2021 as scheduled. Although the spread of the new corona infection has calmed down, we still took precautions to prevent the spread of the new corona infection, such as submitting medical questionnaires before the course, disinfecting with alcohol before lectures and practical training, and wearing masks.
Once again, we had a very wide range of students and managers, ranging in age from teens to 60s, and we had a very lively opening with full capacity.



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2021年7月17日(土)〜 8月1日(日)まで開校しました博多キャンパス10期の修了式および懇親会を2021年11月24日(水)に開催しました。新型コロナ感染拡大も落ち着いてきたものの、開講前のアルコール消毒やマスク着用など新型コロナ感染拡大には十分注意を払いつつ、集合写真撮影時のみマスクを外して撮影をさせていただきました。


Graduation Ceremony Held for 10th Term of Hakata Campus

On Wednesday, November 24, 2009, we held a graduation ceremony and reception for the 10th term of Hakata Campus, which was held from July 17 (Sat.) to August 1 (Sun.), 2009. Although the spread of the new corona infection has calmed down, we took precautions to prevent the spread of the new corona infection, such as disinfecting with alcohol and wearing masks before the start of the course, and only took group photos without masks. As a school, we were very happy to hear stories of people who have already started their own drone businesses, such as those who have changed jobs to companies that are developing drone businesses, those who have started new businesses using draws at their companies, and those who have started drone aerial photography businesses.