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Announcement of SA (Student Assistant) system introduction
Drone University has introduced the TA (teaching assistant) system as an auxiliary lecturer. Applicants of this TA system must pass the practical and departmental tests to measure the knowledge and skills that are appropriate as a drone college instructor, and then select whether or not all drone college directors have recommended So far, there have been three corresponding students. However, an increasing number of people who are not TAs can cooperate with the preparation and management of drone university lectures and practical training.
Drone University is because of the desire to pay the necessary expenses and continue to cooperate in the future for those who are willing to cooperate in the preparation and management of drone university lectures and practical training. We decided to introduce “SA (Student Assistant) system”.
The selection criteria are based on the selection of whether or not the drone college graduates have received the recommendation of all the drone college directors in response to the proposal from the drone college, and there are no practical skills or subject standards.