i-Construction Pix4Dmapperドローン測量プログラム開講

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ドローン 大学校修了生およびプロ UAVオペレーターを目指す方々で構成するオンラインサロン「ドローン 大学院」が主催する「i-Construction Pix4Dmapperドローン測量プログラム(基礎編)」を一泊二日の合宿形式で開講しました。



i-Construction Pix4Dmapper Drone Surveying Program (Basic)

Drone The “i-Construction Pix4Dmapper Drone Survey Program (Basic Edition)” sponsored by “Drone Graduate”, an online salon made up of college graduates and those who aim to become professional UAV operators, is offered as a one-day and two-day training camp.

The event was held at a time when there was a concern about the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so thorough measures were taken such as checking the overseas travel history of all participants within two weeks, wearing all masks, and constantly venturing indoor lectures. Although the seminar was on a high alert level, it was possible to hold the seminar as scheduled without stopping economic activities, and the students were able to be satisfied. In the fall of this year, “Applied Edition” will be offered。