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An interview with the president of our school regarding the publication of “Drones with Manga” was published on page 12 of the Construction Newspaper.




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ドローン大学校 瀬戸内キャンパス09期を開講しました。今回も多くの受講生にお集まりいただき、賑やかに開講することができました。「極寒シーズン」と覚悟をしていましたが、さすがの瀬戸内!東京と比べて暖かく、降雨もなく、ベストコンディションでした。


Setouchi Campus 9th Class

Drone College Setouchi CampusThe 9th term has started. This time, many students gathered and the class was opened lively. I was prepared for the “Fresh Cold Season”, but it was truly Setouchi! It was warmer than Tokyo, without rainfall, and in the best condition.




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Hakata Campus 06th entry started!

Entries have started for students entering the 26th Tokyo Campus, which starts on Saturday, May 2, 2020. Drone College will begin pre-entry training for the opening of April. Perhaps in mid-April, a drone operator with the knowledge and skills needed to operate a drone safely will be born.




In 東京





Tokyo Campus 26th Entry Start!

Entries for students entering the Tokyo Campus 26th Period, which starts on Friday, April 3, 2020, have begun. Drone College will begin pre-entry training for the opening of April. Perhaps in mid-April, a drone operator with the knowledge and skills needed to operate a drone safely will be born.




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技術経営戦略を学ぶ講座である、専修大学経営学部特殊講義(技術経営戦略入門) にて、当校理事長がゲスト講師として講義を行いました。日頃、若い学部生にとって、ドローンの情報に触れることは少ないようで、多くの学部生に興味を持って聴講していただきました。


The president of the school gave a lecture at Senshu University School of Business.

The president of the school gave a lecture as a guest lecturer in a special lecture (Introduction to Technology Management Strategy), a course for studying technology management strategy, which is a special lecture at Senshu University College of Business Administration. It seems that young undergraduate students rarely touch the information on drones, and many undergraduate students listened with interest.




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Happy new year



ドローン大学校+ドローン大学院 合同クリパ(クリスマスパーティー)@名古屋キャンパスを開催

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Drone college + Drone Graduate School Joint Clipper (Christmas Party) @ Nagoya Campus

This year, the annual Drone College + Drone Graduate Joint Clipper (Christmas Party) @ Nagoya Campus, where drone college graduates and drone graduate students gather, was held again. This year, on the theme of “Kuripa that can fly drones”, everyone brought their own drones and proceeded with the party while flying the drones. I am grateful to the graduates and graduate students who gathered during the busy period of Shiwasu. The secretariat and instructors will continue to support you with all your abilities next year so that you can continue going forward.
* No drunk flights.




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Drone college publishes a book “マンガでわかるドローン”

This book is an easy-to-understand manga-based book that explains the basics of flying a drone and the development of business for those who have never touched a drone before. Edited by our school, it summarizes the knowledge and skills necessary for safe operation of drones, as well as the current state of the drone business.

Asuka Ozora, a 24-year-old working as a serious labor shortage carrier, works from morning till night. In addition, every night, she spent the dark days of the future, counting her leftover inventory. One day, I remember a wonderful female drone pilot who met a high school girl triggered by TV news. “I look like her!”, She applied for retirement and bought a drone at once, but the fact that flying a drone without delaying the law requires a variety of knowledge and skills I knew it. Will she really be a drone pilot in the future?